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Transform your educational organisation into  a better place

EXCELLENCE BOOST project fits the objectives of European and African educational policies in boosting innovation in VET education and in lifelong learning educational sector for teachers in general and in the broader socio-economic environment considering the development and implementation of new learning and teaching methods and materials and the development of solutions for challenging issues, in this case, regarding personal development, work related personal excellence and process innovation. The project will work also in the creation of transversal skills to meet organisational challenges.

Capacity building for teachers and trainers

In this context, 8 partners from Portugal, Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Burundi will:

  • Develop basic Lifelong learning path for VET trainers/teachers so that teachers can understand easier their lifelong development career path

  • Develop a learning/sharing portal for innovative VET schools and other organisations which will include:

    • Developed guidelines for schools/training organisation on global changes, innovation and adoption of excellence

    • Developed database of free virtual mobilities/trainings (digital skills, personal development etc.)

    • Developed case studies on excellence implementation in partner countries

    • Developed model for international and regional cooperation and innovation – partnership will organise two 5-days trainings covering social entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and principles of outstanding digital enterprises

  • Will organise two 5 days international Learning / training activity in South Africa and Nigeria

  • will organise local capacity building activities as learning/sharing events and eLearning experimentation

  • will organise 3 Regular learning / sharing online round tables

  • will organise two 5-days Job shadowing activities in Latvia and Slovakia

Project objectives

Excellence Boost trainings will prepare the teachers for the challenges of current educational needs as well as will bring them a new way of thinking about their organisation .

Vanda Novoksonova

Eurofortis IT SIA, Latvia

Project Consortium

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