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Project deliverables

  • Project partnership will deliver 3 types of public project results:

  • Validated final version of the project platform (including 2 smaller deliverables – collection of case studies and collection of personal stories)

  • Capacity building events: International training activities in Nigeria and South Africa, 1x local capacity building events organised in each partner country, 3 virtual round table webinars, Job shadowing activities in Latvia and Slovakia

  • Sustainability and dissemination related: Excellence Boost project website, Dissemination events in partner countries

Excellence Boost project participants

EXCELLENCE BOOST project is to build a capable teachers ready to face the challenges of 21st century. Ready on competence level – where they are the innovators, creative, active leaders and developers who help to form the future society. They have very strong portfolio of various transversal skills and they are ready to apply digital education as professional Digital teachers.

On the professional level they use the latest methods as learner centred approach, they understand culture of excellence and its importance for organisational development.

In addition these new VET teachers/trainers are constantly developing themselves and supporting, sharing the knowledge with systematic approaches as sharing/learning and they are supporting the excellence culture of the organization they are working for.

Upcoming online events

During the period - October - December 2024 will be organised 8 promotional events in partner countries (Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy/other European country, Nigeria, South Africa, Burundi and Tanzania).

Multiplier events in project partner countries

In October 2024 (14th October - 18th October 2024) will be organised the Job shadowing activity in Slovakia.

Job shadowing in Slovakia

Learning training activity in Nigeria focused on Personal and professional competence development in order to implement an Excellence approach in schools and other training orranisations.

Learning training activity in Nigeria

Learning training activity in South Africa focused on Personal and professional competence development for teachers and trainers of VET organisations with a special focus on Learner-centred approach.

Learning training activity in South Africa (training of trainers)

In May 2024 (20th May - 24th May 2024 will be organised Job shadowing in Riga, Latvia.

Job shadowing in Latvia

Capacity building events

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